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"How to Build an Effective Website" Tips by Web Designs Your Way

"How to Build an Effective Website" Tips by Web Designs Your Way

There are more than 2 billion websites on the World Wide Web. How do you make yours stand out? And how do you get Google to take notice?

Websites are an essential business tool.

“Websites give your business credibility,” said Evelyn Wheeler, owner of Web Designs Your Way. “Websites establish your business as a real, actual business. they can also set you apart as an expert in what you do.”

Evelyn said most people will look up websites to verify the business’ status and validity. A website showcases a business’ brand and gives prospective customers an idea of the services or products a business provides.

“A website is not a ‘Build It and They Will Come’,” added Evelyn. “It takes planning and updating.”

Evelyn and Chad have been creating websites for businesses for more than 13 years. We asked Evelyn to provide us with some tips for website development. She recommends the following:

Ask yourself how many pages you need on your website.

Buy your domain and own it yourself. You may also want to consider purchasing additional extensions, such as .net, .biz, or .org.

Ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve with the website?” Do you need a website for credibility status, or do you want to grow your business? Or do you want to achieve both credibility status and growth?

Do you have a logo? A logo and the colors in the logo will make your website visually aesthetic.

Do you have content? Who are you trying to reach? What are your keywords? She recommends a page for each service a business provides. It may cost a little more, but Google searches for information and content so they know who to send to your website. 

Remember, as a business owner, you are the expert. You can share your expertise in a blog. Monthly content additions, at a minimum, are always recommended.  Naming photos, not just jpeg123,  with a brief description of the photo increases your searchability as well.

Evelyn also urges businesses to get a Google Business Listing and as many free business listings as possible.

“It’s important to link your website to your social media platforms and partner organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce,” said Evelyn. “Link with a logo so that readers can click for information.”

Evelyn also recommends using video on a website, but she said it is best to load a video to a platform such as YouTube. Loading a video directly onto a website often slows the performance of the overall website.

“If your site takes too long to load, readers will leave the site,” said Evelyn. “We’re in a world of instant gratification. Consumers want to click a button and get the information they want right away.”

Evelyn also advises businesses who want to build a site on a DIY platform, that the DIY company they use generally owns the site, not the business. A business can’t move its site to another platform because you used their software to build the website. Companies such as Web Design Your Way will build the site and the customer owns it once it’s paid for.

Web Designs Your Way offers many services including web design. They provide redesigns, makeovers, security maintenance, and more.  Their interest-free payment plans are great for businesses just starting out. For more information or questions about website design, call 910-830-3108 or visit online at

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